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Agema Unmanned Ground Vehicle United Arab Emirates

Agema is a fully modular, multi-mission, fast and adaptive unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) manufactured by UAE-based autonomous technology solutions provider Milanion Group.

Project Type-Unmanned ground vehicle

Manufacturer-Milanion Group

Engine-Briggs and Stratton marine EFI engine

Power Output-40hp

The Agema unmanned ground vehicle has a customizable platform that provides multi-mission capabilities. Image courtesy of Milanion Group

The Agema UGV can be integrated with ammunition such as machine guns and anti-tank missiles. Image courtesy of Milanion Group

The Agema UGV is suitable for fully amphibious environments. Image courtesy of Milanion Group.

Agema is a fully modular, multi-mission, fast and adaptive unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) manufactured by UAE autonomous technology solutions provider Milanion Group.

The amphibious UGV mounted with Polish company MSP’s Warble Fly next-generation loitering munition system was first unveiled at the Innovations for Defence Excellence (IDEX) exhibition in Abu Dhabi in February 2021.

The Agema UGV was exhibited at the Arms and Security trade exhibition in Kyiv, Ukraine in June 2021. The multi-mission and simple-to-operate platform can be used in a range of applications including defence, fire and rescue, security, oil and gas, and medical.

Agema design and features

Agema UGV is designed to operate in diverse environments ranging from difficult terrains to amphibious environments. It offers reliability and security to support the mounted and dismounted troops.

The UGV provides versatility, agility, and control in adverse conditions. The modular nature of the design allows the vehicle to be customized with a mission suitable deck that can be adapted to meet the specific mission requirements of the customers.

Agema UGV can be integrated with the Warble Fly air target fire system that allows users to accurately detect, track, and destroy targets, even in poor visibility conditions. The Warble Fly combat unmanned aerial

Vehicle can be safely redirected to a landing zone and recovered if the operator chooses to abort the mission. A video analysis system with a camera is installed on the device to support the operations. The combat system can be equipped with a range of warhead types.

The unmanned vehicle can support a variety of critical missions including Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR), anti-tank support, logistic support and protection, and drone launch and anti-drone operations.

It is also suitable for border protection, medical evacuation (medevac), route inspection and clearance, critical infrastructure security, mesh communication, and fire and rescue operations. The UGV can be mounted on a 6×6 or 8×8 drive-train.

Payload on Agema UGV

The UGV can be mounted with camera payloads to provide situational awareness during ISR support operations. The cameras are used to collect and transmit real-time video and audio feeds to the ground control station (GCS). The camera payloads that can be installed on Agema include thermal, RGB, multi-spectral, infrared, high definition and night vision cameras.

Agema can be armed with firepower options including 7.62mm machine gun, 12.7mm HMG and 20mm canon, to protect soldiers during offensive or defensive missions. It can also be equipped with anti-tank and anti-material missiles.

With the firepower onboard, the vehicle can provide flank, forward and rear-guard support for dismounted troops on the battlefield.

The unmanned platform can be installed with anti-drone systems including frequency jamming and anti-jamming equipment. It can be deployed on the battlefield at a stand-off distance limiting the life risk of the troops. The UGV can also be used for skid launching fixed-wing drones in support of ground forces.

Rotary drones can be tethered to the platform to enable deployment of the drones for a longer time.

The UGV can be integrated with systems such as ground-penetrating radar and explosive and ordinance chemical detector sensors to detect land obstacles and improvised explosive devices (IEDs). The systems allow troops to perform route clearance patrolling duties around static positions such as forward operating bases.

The vehicle can also be used for logistical support including sustainment and replenishment of supplies such as ration, stores, radio equipment, weapons, and ammunition to dismounted soldiers.

Agema engine and mobility

Agema UGV is powered by Briggs and Straton Vanguard 40hp EFI engine that offers increased fuel efficiency. It can be operated by use of telecom or autonomously via a pre-planned path.

The engine is coupled to a triple-differential Admiral transmission with independent steering brakes. The wheels are constantly powered for better control and maneuverability while turning.

The progressive steering and rugged drive train provide reliability in the most challenging off-road environments.

Agema has high terrain mobility, high torque configuration, high traction, an independent suspension system, and a low center of gravity. It can climb up to a steep angle of 40°.

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