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Al Jasoor from EDGE Group presents the Rabdan 8x8 at EDEX 2021.

Posted On Wednesday, 01 December 2021 15:05

Al Jasoor "Rabdan" IFV, fitted with a Russian-made BMP-3 turret. The vehicle was unveiled during the live demonstration of IDEX 2019, the defense exhibition held in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, on February 17, 2019 (Picture source: Army Recognition)

The Rabdan 8x8 Armoured Fighting Vehicle is an advanced, mission-ready vehicle system built for a range of objectives and terrain styles. It is available in a number of configurations, with a maximum capacity of 11 front line troops. Highly mobile on land and water, it has a top speed of over 100km/h.

Rabdan can be equipped with different armour protection and high-caliber turret-based weapon systems (up to 105mm cannon). It also offers Level-4 ballistic and mine protection and is fully certified to international standards.

As a next-generation amphibious vehicle, Rabdan comes with a modular, multi-wheeled structure for both tactical and technical advantages. Its integrated suite of military-grade support services makes it a complete unit.

The Rabdan 8x8 IFV is a new generation, modular platform with a flexible structure that enables the configuration of a variety of armament options. The interoperability design considerations facilitate an easy integration of Manned Turrets or Remote Weapon Systems onto the vehicle platform.

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