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Elbit Systems awarded 240 million dollars contracts to upgrade tanks for intl customer


Elbit’s Sabrah tank. Photo: Elbit Systems

Israeli defense giant Elbit Systems announced that it was awarded two contracts, in an aggregate amount valued at $240 million, to upgrade Main Battle Tanks (MBT) for an international customer. A $60 million contract will be delivered over a period of two years and a $180 million contract will be delivered over a period of four years.

Under the contracts, Elbit Systems will perform an upgrade of the MBTs and provide advanced electronics suites.

"There is a renewed interest from militaries looking to improve the operational capabilities of their armored platforms,” said Bezhalel (Butzi) Machlis, President and CEO of Elbit Systems. “I believe that Elbit Systems is uniquely positioned to address the growing demand in this market due to our ability to provide comprehensive solutions."

Earlier this month, Philippine press revealed that the country’s armed forces are expecting a delivery of 20 Israeli Sabrah Ascod light tanks (by Elbit), its first “modern tanks in the postwar era.”

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