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India has successfully tested Pinaka Extended Range rockets

עודכן: 6 בפבר׳ 2022

Defense News December 2021 Global Security army industry

Posted On Wednesday, 15 December 2021 15:44

According to information published by the Indian Ministry of Defense on December 11, 2021, India has successfully tested Pinaka Extended Range (Pinaka-ER Extended Range) rockets, Area Denial Munitions (ADM) and indigenous developed fuzes.

India has successfully tested launch of Pinaka Extended Range rockets.

(Picture source India MoD)

The Pinaka-ER (Extended Range) Multi Barrel Rocket Launcher System was successfully tested at Pokharan range. The system is jointly designed by laboratories of Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) - Armament Research & Development Establishment (ARDE), Pune and High Energy Materials Research Laboratory (HEMRL), Pune.

The DRDO, after establishing the performance efficacy of the enhanced range Pinaka, transferred the technology of the system to the industry. The Industry Partner has manufactured enhanced Pinaka Mk-1 rockets with DRDO’s hand holding during the production and Quality Assurance. In continuation of the Transfer of Technology absorption, rockets developed by the industry have undergone the performance evaluation and quality certification process. The hand holding during the production, quality assurance and launch coordination for bulk production is being provided by the DRDO design team and QA agencies nominated for the system.

The DRDO, along with the Army, conducted series of performance evaluation trials of these industry produced rockets at Field Firing Ranges during the last three days. In these trials, enhanced range Pinaka rockets were test fired at different ranges with various warhead capabilities. All the trial objectives were met satisfactorily. A number of 24 rockets were fired for different ranges and warhead capabilities to meet the objectives of accuracy and consistency. With this, the initial phase of technology absorption of Pinaka-ER by the Industry Partner has successfully been completed making the Industry Partner ready for series production of the rocket system.

The Pinaka-ER is the upgraded version of earlier Pinaka version which has been in service with the Indian Army for the last decade. The system has been designed in the light of emerging requirements with advanced technologies enhancing the range. The Pinaka is a MLRS (Multiple Launch Rocket System) produced in India and developed by the Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) for the Indian Army. The Pinaka is based on a 6x6 military truck BEML-Tatra T813/T815 with a launcher unit mounted at the rear of the truck chassis consisting of two blocks of six tube launchers.

The system is capable of firing free flight as well as guided Pinaka rockets. The free flight rockets can engage targets up to 37.5 km (Pinaka Mk-I) and 60 km (Pinaka Mk-II) range whereas guided Pinaka rocket can engage targets located deep into enemy territory up to a range of 75 km with high precision.

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