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  • Russia uses newest satellite guided 9M54 series missile in Ukraine

    By Boyko Nikolov on Jun 23, 2022 KYIV ($1=29.25 Ukrainian Hryvnias) — The use in Ukraine of one of the newest Russian missiles launched by a 300-mm multiple rocket launcher – a 9M54 series missile has been documented. Evidence from photographs appears for the second time, the first use of this missile was documented in March 2022 in Pokrovsk — located in Donbas Oblast, eastern Ukraine, and only a day ago [June 22] a second piece of evidence through photography shows that the missile fell in the Donetsk region in Donbas. Photo credit: Twitter The 9M54 series missiles are satellite-guided warheads loaded with HE-Fragmentation charge. They are mainly used by the 300-mm multiple rocket launcher 9A52-4 Tornado, which is also one of the latest developments in Russian ground artillery. 9M54 series missiles, such as the 9M542 missile, are also used as weapons in older missile systems, such as the 9K58 Smerch, a design from the late 1980s. One of the last versions of the missile was tested in 2020, equipped with a cumulative-fragmentation warhead – this is the 9M544 rocket. The 9M54 series missiles have similar characteristics or complementary characteristics. The 9M54 series missiles weigh approximately 820 kg and their warhead alone weighs about 250 kg. The minimum range is 40 km and the maximum is 120 km, although the 9M544 missile tested in 2020 reached a range of 200 km. The 9M54 series missiles are a surface-to-surface type. The missile is designed to destroy manpower, unarmored and lightly armored vehicles, destroy command posts, communication centers, and sites of the military-industrial structure. Despite the generally available information on the characteristics of the 9M54 series missiles, some of them have an increased range, which contradicts the technical and tactical data. Increasing the range of this type of missile can be achieved by reducing the weight of the warhead and increasing the length of the missile. At the same time, the total length for all projectiles is preserved – 7600 mm, but the weight of the warhead is increased by 5-10 kg. It can also be argued that the engine was extended by equipping the parachute compartment structure with a powder charge, and the main part was borrowed from the RS 9M55F or 9M528, or their variants. It is possible to further increase the range due to the sub-planning provided as a result of the operation of the aerodynamic rudders. The 9A52-4 Tornado mobile rocket launcher [MRL] from which the two 9M54 series missiles documented so far were launched was designed in 2000 and has been in service since 2014. 9A52-4 Tornado is powered by one KamAZ-740.50.360 diesel engine providing power to the entire installation of 360 horsepower. Its suspension is 8 × 8 wheeled, its top speed is 90 km/h, and the distance you can travel while refueling is 1,000 km. Photo: Flickr 9A52-4 Tornado can launch missiles of different calibers depending on the version used: 122m, 220mm, and 300mm. Version 9A53-G Tornado launches 122mm missiles and mounted on chassis of Kamaz Truck or on a Ural-4320, Version 9A53-U Tornado launches 220mm missiles and mounted on chassis MZKT-79306 and Version 9A53-S Tornado launches 300mm missiles and mounted missiles MZKT-79306. https://bulgarianmilitary.com/2022/06/23/russia-uses-newest-satellite-guided-9m54-series-missile-in-ukraine/

  • French and Spanish companies team up to develop advanced mobile mortar

    By Colton Jones Jun 21, 2022 Sherpa A2M (Advanced Mobile Mortar). The French and Spanish companies are teaming up to develop a new low-cost, highly mobile artillery system on Sherpa chassis. The alliance of French Arquus and Thales with Spanish-based NTGS has developed the new Sherpa A2M (Advanced Mobile Mortar). The Sherpa A2M is an adequate answer to the tactical challenges met and created by artillery in high-intensity warfare: mobility, protection, close support to the troops on the ground and mobile counter-battery options at the fraction of the price of a Self-Propelled Gun (SPG). The alliance allows the application of a truly complete solution delivering a unique indirect fire support solution, suitable for infantry support, collaborative armed forces troops and Special Forces, as well as autonomous artillery units looking for a high level of mobility and protection. The Sherpa A2M combines the excellent mobility of a Sherpa Light, the proven deployable Mortar System by NTGS and the 120mm rifled mortar barrel by Thales, into one full fully integrated new solution. Thanks to Thales’ capability, the vehicle embeds 120mm rifled ammunition and in the future the mortar laser-guided ammunition. The rifled mortar barrel is three times more precise than smooth-bore mortar. ​ Due to this superior efficiency and accuracy, it can achieve similar operational effects with much less shots; around 4 times less rounds are needed than for a smooth-bore mortar. NTGS provides its skills in global systems with the fire control system in the back of the vehicle. This system conveys information about targets and points of interest, which represents a significant strategic advantage. Thanks to their expertise, the A2M Sherpa delivers control across all mission operations and is already combat-proven. The mortar and tube from NTGS and Thales are qualified both by NATO and by different armies. The Sherpa Light is a multipurpose, 4×4 armored vehicle, designed by Arquus to provide with a wide array of versions and customization for all needs and missions, built on a single, proven base for increased commonality and ease of maintenance. It is a modern, mature, new-generation vehicle, which is built on many years of industrial experience, operational deployments on the battlefield and maintenance. It is protected against ballistic and mine as well as improvised explosive device threats with a STANAG 4569-certified protection, which ensures a high level of safety for the crew inside the vehicle during operations. The Sherpa A2M can carry 40 rounds of 120mm mortar ammunition in the rear and possibly additional ammunition in the cabin, depending on user requirements. It has a range up to 8.2 km with standard rifled ammunition and up to 13km with a rocket-assisted projectile, allowing it to enhance the protection of the embarked soldiers by engaging units without being hit (Shoot & Scoot). Combining the expertise of these three companies’ expertise ensures the highest level of quality for each of the Sherpa A2M’s features: protected tactical mobility, ruggedness, superior firepower and accuracy, as well as easily deployable systems and intuitive fire control. https://defence-blog.com/french-spanish-companies-team-up-to-develop-advanced-mobile-mortar/

  • RMMV Rheinmetall MAN showcases HX3 range of all wheel drive trucks

    Posted On Thursday, 16 June 2022 23:19 Rheinmetall HX3 – the new generation of vehicles equally suited for logistical and tactical scenarios Made by Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles, the HX family is among the most widely used range of military trucks anywhere. Over 15,000 vehicles are now in service worldwide. Military-off-the-shelf family of vehicles, HX trucks are systematically designed for maximum durability, mobility, ease of use and modularity, effectively placing them in a class of their own. In May 2021 Rheinmetall unveiled its latest generation of globally tried-and-tested HX trucks. New technologies make these future-proof vehicles more than a match for military and automotive megatrends. In effect, they have been completely redesigned. Among other things, users today expect improved protection, enhanced mobility, improved driving comfort and a digital interface that enables even greater operational flexibility and future performance upgrades. At the same time, however, the new generation preserves the highly prized core strengths of the HX2 and the family-driven concept. The HX3’s completely overhauled cab design delivers even greater ease of operation and crew protection, while various assistance systems assure enhanced safety during routine operations. Completely reworked, the electronic and electrical architecture and assistance systems – including Emergency Brake Assist/EBA, Adaptive Cruise Control/ACC and Lane Departure Warning/LDW – ensure the vehicle’s future viability, especially when it comes to autonomous driving. Standardized interfaces will make it possible to integrate future technologies such as truck platoon and other automated applications. Along with a robust chassis and high-performance engine, the vehicles can be equipped with an optional new active rear axle suspension system, which significantly enhances the vehicle’s performance both on and off-road. More than ever, the new HX3 generation embodies a platform concept equally suited to logistic and tactical scenarios. The HX3 will basically be available in 4x4, 6x6, 8x8 and 10x10 versions, and characterized by an even wider array of variants and greater system diversity. Moreover, its traditional role as a logistics vehicle can be further enhanced thanks to new systems such as the fully automatic Automated Load Handling System, or ALHS, which can load both containers as well as flat racks. HX3 in 10x10 self-propelled howitzer variant. (Picture source: Army Recognition) At Eurosatory 2022, Rheinmetall wheeled self-propelled howitzer is on display, mounted on a high mobility HX 10x10 chassis. The HX3 can also serve as the mobility platform for the Skynex air defence system. Since its foundation in 1889, Rheinmetall has been a world-leading center of expertise for heavy artillery. The company’s new wheeled self-propelled howitzer is highly advanced, being specifically designed to meet international specifications for future-proofed indirect fire systems. Key criteria governing the system’s design include combining the operational reach of Rheinmetall high-mobility, operationally proven, HX military trucks with state-of-the-art howitzer technology, while simultaneously substantially extending the range of cannon artillery to gain range superiority over any enemy capability. The Rheinmetall wheeled self-propelled howitzer is mounted on a high-mobility HX 10x10 chassis made by Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles. It is equipped with a highly protected cab and a fully automatic, remote-controlled artillery turret, which, though unmanned, can be entered by the crew. This means that it takes only two soldiers to operate the system from the safety of the armoured cab. The turret can rotate and fire through 360 degrees, drawing on a turret magazine containing projectiles and propelling charges for forty rounds. The armament is the tried and tested L52 weapon system and as future growth potential the L52A1 or the L60 weapon systems – both currently under development. All weapons come from Rheinmetall. The L52A1 is an optimized version of the 155mm L52 weapon and has an enlarged gun chamber. With this, ranges of up to 68 kilometers can be achieved. The L60 can fire low-cost standard projectiles (boat-tail; base bleed; V-LAP) more than 80 kilometers. Precision-guided munitions such as the Vulcano will allow engaging high-value targets at even greater ranges. Compared to other wheeled platforms, which are already hitting their weight and payload limits, using the HX 10x10 offers the advantage of the unused growth potential of circa 5 tonnes of additional load capacity. Given an assumed service life of 30-40 years, this additional payload could be used to incorporate a multitude of additional mission systems as well as for carrying extra ammunition. Moreover, because the howitzer was designed from the start for remote control and semi or fully-automatic operation, it can function without a crew. In keeping with the “human in the loop” principle, however, the fire order is never an autonomous decision. When it comes to procurement and utilization, the howitzer offers an excellent price-performance ratio compared to traditional tracked self-propelled howitzers as well as other wheeled tactical vehicle-based systems, while at the same time substantially enhancing a core capability intrinsic to all howitzers: achieving favorable outcomes through range superiority. Thanks to the high-mobility HX 10x10 truck chassis, the artillery system can flexibly redeploy over large distances without additional logistic support, and with no need for routine maintenance or repairs upon arrival. Furthermore, logistic uniformity owing to the extensive use of HX trucks in the Bundeswehr, the British Army and numerous other armed forces will result in lower lifecycle costs, while simultaneously facilitating multinational operations, thus strengthening national and alliance defence capabilities. https://www.armyrecognition.com/eurosatory_2022_news_official_online_daily/rmmv_rheinmetall_man_showcases_hx3_range_of_all-wheel-drive_trucks.html Israel has similar gun that called SIGMA with 155/52 barrel. https://www.armyrecognition.com/defense_news_january_2022_global_security_army_industry/first_picture_released_on_internet_of_israeli_sigma_155mm_10x10_self-propelled_howitzer.html https://elbitsystems.com/pr-new/elbit-systems-awarded-106-million-contract-to-supply-sigma-self-propelled-howitzer-gun-systems-to-a-country-in-asia-pacific/ The Sigma 155/52 gun

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    מטרת האתר היא לפרסם מאמרים וידיעות בנושאי צו"ב מהארץ ומעולם וליידע את מי שקורא לגבי מה צריך לעשות בנושאים שקשורים לביטחונה של מדינת ישראל. האתר הזה לא ממומן ע"י מקור כלשהו, כך שהוא עצמאי לחלוטין לגבי דעותיו, לפעמים ישנם לחצים פוליטיים לגבי הדרך שבה אתרים פועלים אבל באתר הזה זה לא יקרה. ברוכים הבאים התחל/י קריאה ST Engineering: the Terrex looks forward. 2 התחל/י קריאה US to possibly deploy more THAAD air defense systems in South Korea. 2 התחל/י קריאה Russian army to have strategic drones by 2030 1 התחל/י קריאה Kaman offers huge cargo drone to US Marine Corps 1 התחל/י קריאה The Slovak MoD selects the CV90 as preferred bidder for its IFV programme. 2 התחל/י קריאה USA HELWS taps NASAMS air defence system to destroy drones. 2 התחל/י קריאה US Air Force deployed A10 Warthogs to Europe 1 התחל/י קריאה Russian submarines commissioned as scheduled. 3 התחל/י קריאה Russia deploys in Ukraine BMP1 AM tracked armored IFV latest modernized version of BMP1. 2 התחל/י קריאה Analysis Discover Russian Ka 52 attack helicopter used to fight Ukrainian army 2 התחל/י קריאה Russia uses unmanned helicopters to draw out Ukrainian air defenses.Russia uses unmanned helicopters 1 התחל/י קריאה Russia uses Kronshtadt Orion Inokhodets drone in Ukraine armed with guided missile 2 התחל/י קריאה Javelin or NLAW – Which Missile Is Better at Destroying Russian Tanks? 2 התחל/י קריאה The Air Force secret next gen fighter has reached development phase 3 התחל/י קריאה US to provide 4 HIMARS systems to Ukraine in latest $700M arms package 3 התחל/י קריאה Israel shot down drone with laser cannon 2 התחל/י קריאה Rafael unveils the Aero spike Missile 2 התחל/י קריאה Rafael Tests C Dome Air Defense on Israel New Magen Corvette 2 התחל/י קריאה UVision USA highlights its Hero120 (OPFM) aerial loitering munitions at Modern Day Marine 2022 2 התחל/י קריאה US military to buy hundreds of Israeli made drones 2 התחל/י קריאה Mysterious armed robot tank spotted in Israel. 1 התחל/י קריאה SOCOM receives first Spike NLOS system integrated on a JLTV 2 התחל/י קריאה Now There is a Drum Magazine for Dropping Multiple Bombs from Drones. 4 התחל/י קריאה Kazakhstan to produce TAI Turkish Aerospace Industries Anka UAVs 2 מאמרים וידיעות אני מקווה שהקוראים יהנו ממה שאתר זה מציע ויתרמו מהידע שלהם להצלחת האתר. ״עוז לישראל״ מאמרים וידיעות בנושאי צבא ובטחון בית מאמרים חיפוש גלריות +

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