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  • UVision USA highlights its Hero120 (OPFM) aerial loitering munitions at Modern Day Marine 2022

    Defense News May 2022 Global Security army industry Posted On Friday, 06 May 2022 12:05 UVision USA - a manufacturer of aerial loitering munitions systems of all sizes for a variety of missions - is highlighting its Hero-120 OPF-M (Organic Precision Fires-Mounted (OPF-M), along with the family of HERO aerial loitering munition systems, installed on both ACVs and ARVs, at Modern Day Marine 2022. Hero-120 OPFM Multi Canister Launcher (Picture source: UVision) In 2021, the company was awarded a multi-year contract, to supply the Hero-120 OPF-M systems to the U.S. Marine Corps (USMC), together with its multi-canister launcher, tailored to the specific requirements of the USMC and integrated onto armored vehicles and maritime platforms. The Hero-120 is a mid-range, anti-armor, beyond-line-of-sight weapon system which meets the complex requirements of modern battlefield challenges. The high-precision, smart loitering munition system has a unique aerodynamic structure that carries out pinpoint strikes against anti-armor, anti-material and anti-personnel targets, including MBTs, vehicles, concrete fortifications, and other soft targets in populated urban areas, while ensuring minimum collateral damage. Its wide range of multi-purpose warheads enables the operational user to effectively engage all targets. “The USMC contract is for a multi-year project, with incremental upgrades throughout various phases, until the systems are fully delivered,” says Jim Truxel, CEO of UVision USA. “As a result, we have adapted the systems for installation on both ACV and ARV vehicles, as will be shown at the MDM exhibition. This is another step in establishing the company's standing, both in the United States and in the world, as a pioneer in the field of loitering munitions. We are also working with Marine Air Groups for the airborne deployment of HERO systems, from various aircraft.” Hero-120 loitering munition (Picture source: UVision) The HERO series Based on cutting-edge technology and extensive field experience, the innovative, cost-effective HERO series of smart loitering munitions consist of eight systems, designed for different missions at various ranges, using various types of payloads. The fastest sensor-to-shooter loitering munitions available today, HERO systems enable frontline forces to independently locate time-sensitive targets, and track and attack with pinpoint precision. Each munition handles different missions, ranging from lightweight static or moving targets, such as light-duty vehicles, to larger fortified or heavily-armored targets, such as MBTs (Main Battle Tank), enemy air defenses and other strategic objectives. The unique design of the HERO series enables pinpoint munition strikes in urban areas or remote locations, with minimal collateral damage. In the case of mission abort, the systems can be recalled and another target selected. The HERO series has low noise and thermal signature, integrates highly advanced, stabilized electro-optic day/night cameras, and is ideal for deployment from air, land and naval platforms. Hero-120 OPFM Multi Canister Launcher mounted on a LAV (Picture source: UVision) Launching of a Hero-120 OPFM loitering munition (Picture source: UVision) https://www.armyrecognition.com/defense_news_may_2022_global_security_army_industry/uvision_usa_highlights_its_hero-120_opf-m_aerial_loitering_munitions_at_modern_day_marine_2022.html

  • US military to buy hundreds of Israeli made drones

    News Army PRESS RELEASES By Colton Jones May 11, 2022 Image by XTEND The Israeli-based startup XTEND said it will supply hundreds of its new Wolverine Gen2 drone systems to the U.S Department of Defense (DoD) to protect U.S. military forces in the field. The contract follows a joint research & development program led by the Directorate of Defense Research and Development (DDR&D) at Israel’s Ministry of Defense, together with XTEND, and the Irregular Warfare Technical Support Directorate (IWTSD, previously CTTSO) of the DoD. Made in the U.S., the small, lightweight, and rugged Wolverine is affordable, versatile, and has low power consumption. Easy to use, it enables operators – even those with no flight experience – to perform extremely precise remote tasks, maneuvers, and actions in complex environments (indoor or outdoor), with minimal training and maintenance. Powered by XTEND’s unique human-centric machine interface technology, this revolutionary new human extension platform facilitates complete sensory awareness, using the most advanced virtual and augmented reality technologies, coupled with advanced Machine Learning flight algorithms. Using a wearable lightweight system and a natural hand gesture-recognition controller, operators immerse themselves in the remote environment, without physical risk. Employing multi-use payloads and effectors (Modular Add-On Extensions) they may perform complex tasks in support of tactical missions, including surveying enemy territory at ground level or inside dangerous and/or hard to reach indoor environments, explosive ordinance disposal, placement of payloads at desired points of interest and more, without setting foot inside the relevant area. Enabling combat forces to be everywhere, get real-time visuals and perform surgical precision pick-and-drop tasks, Wolverine extends their operational reach in critical situations where precision and versatility are paramount, giving them battlefield dominance in terms of both operator experience and mission planning. “The Wolverine system was developed in direct response to the need of forces to conduct complex field and outdoor missions, while maintaining force protection, and without making contact with the enemy,” says Gadi Bar-Ner, Chief Business Officer of XTEND. “For the first time, any user can operate a drone intuitively and without any prior training, giving forces complete autonomy in the field. XTEND systems are combat-proven and used with great success by the IDF in defending borders and forces. We are proud of the close cooperation between XTEND, the Israeli Ministry of Defense, and the U.S. DoD – as part of which XTEND employs a team of U.S. veterans – and look forward to it continuing.” https://defence-blog.com/us-military-to-buy-hundreds-of-israeli-made-drones/

  • Mysterious armed robot tank spotted in Israel.

    News Army-By Colton Jones May 6, 2022 A prototype of an unmanned mini-tank fitted with 30mm cannon was spotted in Israel. Twitter user Caesar posted a photo of a mysterious combat vehicle being towed on the back of a trailer on a public road. It is believed that the armed robot tank that was spotted is none other than the BLR Mk2 wheeled unmanned ground vehicle with an unmanned turret armed with a 12.7mm heavy machine gun and a 30mm automatic cannon. The new unmanned ground vehicle features a unique design. The remote combat vehicle builds at the base of the BLR robotic vehicle by BL – Advanced Ground Support Systems. As noted by the company, BLR is an ongoing development project, for an unmanned ground vehicle. The BLR offers extreme ground mobility, coupled with “drive by wire” technology, giving mission control the ability to control the vehicle in a loose control circuit. The 6×6 drive configuration, utilizing hydro-static hub motors allows for unprecedented obstacle negotiation, ranging from 1,500 mm step climb, to a 1,000 mm open ditch crossing. Individual Hydro-pneumatic suspension arms allow for a 610 mm suspension travel, and the ability to alter drive height and drive stiffness “on the fly”, over the control bus. https://defence-blog.com/mysterious-armed-robot-tank-spotted-in-israel/

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  • דוד גרוס | מאמרים וידיעות - צבא ובטחון מהארץ ומהעולם

    מטרת האתר היא לפרסם מאמרים וידיעות בנושאי צו"ב מהארץ ומעולם וליידע את מי שקורא לגבי מה צריך לעשות בנושאים שקשורים לביטחונה של מדינת ישראל. האתר הזה לא ממומן ע"י מקור כלשהו, כך שהוא עצמאי לחלוטין לגבי דעותיו, לפעמים ישנם לחצים פוליטיים לגבי הדרך שבה אתרים פועלים אבל באתר הזה זה לא יקרה. ברוכים הבאים התחל/י קריאה Israel Bombards Syrian Port of Latakia in Nighttime Strike 3 התחל/י קריאה רפא"ל מנהלת מגעים לרכישת עד 50% ממניות פלסן סאסא 4 התחל/י קריאה BAE Systems awarded contract modification from Lockheed Martin to upgrade electronic warfare system 2 התחל/י קריאה Italian Navy new anti ship Teseo Mk2E missile will be equipped with an AESA seeker. 2 התחל/י קריאה Agema Unmanned Ground Vehicle United Arab Emirates 3 התחל/י קריאה Contract modification for Northrop Grumman to provide three E 2D Advanced Hawkeye aircraft to France 2 התחל/י קריאה Korea Aerospace Industries display latest development of helicopter and fighter aircraft 2 התחל/י קריאה Pinaka Multi Barrel Rocket Launcher (MBRL) 2 התחל/י קריאה Thai Marines demonstrate use of NORINCO VN16 Light Amphibious Tanks and AAV7A1s 2 התחל/י קריאה Merkel approves sales of three MEKO A200 frigates to Egypt 1 התחל/י קריאה Indian Army plans to buy Medium Range Precision Kill System with loitering munitions 2 התחל/י קריאה Hyundai Heavy Industries to build two new corvettes for Philippine Navy 1 התחל/י קריאה BAE Systems to produce 33 additional ACV Amphibious Combat Vehicles for US Marine Corps 2 התחל/י קריאה GDELS starts production of VCR Dragon 8x8 armored vehicles for Spanish Army 3 התחל/י קריאה Bharat Forge from India unveils 155 BR new 155mm 4x4 self propelled howitzer 2 התחל/י קריאה Philippines to receive this month 20 Sabrah light tanks from Israel. 2 התחל/י קריאה Indonesia eying F-15EX or Rafale fighter jet and abandons plans for Su-35. 1 התחל/י קריאה German Brandenburg class frigate Bayern enters South China Sea 1 התחל/י קריאה Navy starts building hub for surface and subsurface drones 2 התחל/י קריאה Iranian navy will be equipped with anti-ship missiles ranging 2,000 km in the near future 2 התחל/י קריאה Russia offers Sprut SDM1 lightweight amphibious tank for India light tank tender. 2 התחל/י קריאה Russia exhibits for the first time abroad its PTKM 1R top- attack antitank mine 3 התחל/י קריאה China Growing Dominance in Maritime Shipping 6 התחל/י קריאה US Air Force hypersonic missile test reportedly failed 1 מאמרים וידיעות אני מקווה שהקוראים יהנו ממה שאתר זה מציע ויתרמו מהידע שלהם להצלחת האתר. מחוץ לגלריה ״עוז לישראל״ מאמרים וידיעות בנושאי צבא ובטחון בית מאמרים חיפוש גלריות +

  • גלריות | דוד גרוס - צבא ובטחון מהארץ ומהעולם

    מחוץ לגלריה לקט תמונות נושא הבא דויד גרוס צבא ובטחון מהארץ ומעולם בית מאמרים חיפוש גלריות +

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