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ISRAEL Spear Ninox 40 micro tactical drone launched from 40mm grenade launcher

Expodefensa 2021 News Official Online Show Daily

Posted On Wednesday, 01 December 2021 03:15

SPEAR Ninox 40 micro-tactical drone can be launched from a 40mm grenade launcher.(Picture source Army Recognition)

This micro-tactical drone system was specifically designed for single-user operation and can be launched manually or from a standard 40 mm. grenade launcher. Sitting in the barrel, it’s ready for launch in seconds.

Specifically designed for single-user operation, this micro-tactical drone system features an encapsulated drone and control unit. Weighing under 250g -within regulatory limitations - it is lightweight enough to be incorporated into the soldier's vest and carried on the person during combat.

Build to withstand harsh battle conditions, the rugged system is ideal for tactical urban environments. The Ninox 40 has extensive ISTAR capabilities, a day and night camera for enhanced situational awareness, automatic tracking, and can be launched on the move and from undercover.

The Ninox 40 has a flight capacity of up to 40 minutes.

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