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Kaman offers huge cargo drone to US Marine Corps

By Colton Jones-May 12, 2022

Kaman Corporation is offering its massive autonomous cargo drone to the U.S. Marine Corps. The company has demonstrated at the Modern Day Marine 2022 its newest addition to its family of purpose-built, autonomous unmanned systems designed to be the new standard for expeditionary logistics, called the KARGO UAV.

“With a payload of up to 800lbs and a maximum range of 500nm, it is best in class in the medium-lift UAV category,” the Kaman said in a Facebook post Thursday.

As noted by the company, designed to provide cost-effective cargo hauling in its conformal pod or external sling load configuration, the KARGO UAV will self-deploy with no payload up to 523 nautical miles with a max lifting capacity of 800lbs. This size and class drone also has multiple commercial applications and is part of a growth strategy involving a family of purpose-built KARGO vehicles for multiple and repeatable missions.

Built with the U.S. Armed Forces future operating concepts in mind, the KARGO UAV offers a rugged design for easy transport and deployment. The system’s compact form-factor fits in a standard shipping container and is designed to be unloaded and operated by as few as two people.

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