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Mysterious armed robot tank spotted in Israel.

News Army-By Colton Jones

May 6, 2022

A prototype of an unmanned mini-tank fitted with 30mm cannon was spotted in Israel.

Twitter user Caesar posted a photo of a mysterious combat vehicle being towed on the back of a trailer on a public road. It is believed that the armed robot tank that was spotted is none other than the BLR Mk2 wheeled unmanned ground vehicle with an unmanned turret armed with a 12.7mm heavy machine gun and a 30mm automatic cannon.

The new unmanned ground vehicle features a unique design. The remote combat vehicle builds at the base of the BLR robotic vehicle by BL – Advanced Ground Support Systems.

As noted by the company, BLR is an ongoing development project, for an unmanned ground vehicle.

The BLR offers extreme ground mobility, coupled with “drive by wire” technology, giving mission control the ability to control the vehicle in a loose control circuit.

The 6×6 drive configuration, utilizing hydro-static hub motors allows for unprecedented obstacle negotiation, ranging from 1,500 mm step climb, to a 1,000 mm open ditch crossing. Individual Hydro-pneumatic suspension arms allow for a 610 mm suspension travel, and the ability to alter drive height and drive stiffness “on the fly”, over the control bus.

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