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RUSSIA HPWH from Rosoboronexport adapted the Kornet complex to any carrier

Posted On Friday, 03 December 2021 00:14

The High-Precision Weapons Holding (part of Rostec State Corporation) has adapted the Kornet EM anti-tank missile system to any type of chassis. This has been revealed by Sergey Mikhailov, Deputy CEO of the High-Precision Weapons Holding -HPWH (part of Rostec State Corporation), at the international defense exhibition EDEX-2021.

Kornet-EM anti-tank missile (Picture source: Army Recognition)

4X4 Gaz Tiger with 8 ATGM Kornet

The basic modification of Kornet-EM is mounted on two telescopic poles with four missiles on each, noted the Deputy CEO of High Precision Weapons. According to him, automated launcher version of Kornet-EM is distinguished by its high accuracy.

The 9M133M Kornet-M (also known by the export designation 9M133 Kornet-EM) Russian anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) is an improved version of the 9M133 Kornet ATGM, with increased range and an improved warhead.

The Kornet EM anti-tank missile system is designed to counter tanks and other armored targets, including those equipped with modern explosive reactive armor. The missile is guided by a laser beam. The maximum firing range of Kornet-EM has been increased to 8 km, compared to 5.5 km for previous versions.


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