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Russian BMPT 72 Terminator 2 fire support vehicle starts fighting in Ukraine

Ukraine - Russia conflict war 2022

Posted On Tuesday, 17 May 2022 16:14

According to a picture released on Russian social networks, the Russian army starts the deployment of its BMPT-72 Terminator 2 tracked armored fire support vehicle, one of the most armed vehicles in the world. This combat vehicle was designed to offer fire support to main battle tanks.

Russian army BMPT-72 Terminator 2 fire support tracked armored vehicle spotted in the Luhansk People's Republic. (Picture source Russian Facebook VK)

A picture was released on the Russian Facebook "VK" showing a BMPT-72 Terminator 2 fire support tracked armored vehicle deployed in the Luhansk People's Republic (LPR). Citing information from a Russian source, apparently, their "debut" took place during the combat operations of Severodonetsk.

The BMPT-72 is the next generation in the BMPT fire support tracked armored vehicle developed by the Russian defense industry. It was unveiled in September 2013 at the Russian Arms Expo exhibition which took place in Nizhny Tagil.

The BMPT-72 is an almost completely unique vehicle because there is no real equivalent in the current military market. It is the world’s first dedicated Tank-Support Vehicle (TSV), a type of vehicle designed specifically to provide direct-fire support for MBTs.

The BMPT-72 or Terminator 2 is fitted with a new unmanned redesigned fully stabilized electromechanical turret, with a lower profile and better protection. The main armament of the BMPT-72 turret consists of two 30mm automatic guns 2A42 and one PKTM 7.62mm coaxial machine gun which can be used against light armored vehicles and manpower.

The second armament of the BMPT-72 includes two anti-tank guided missile Ataka-T launcher units mounted to each side of the turret. The missile 9M1201 can be equipped with two types of warheads, hollow-charge, and high-explosive concrete-piercing. The BMPT-72 is equipped with a computerized fire control system with a multichannel sighting system and weapon high-accuracy laying systems.

The BMPT-72 Terminator 2 has a crew of three. The BMPT-72 hull and turret are made of steel armor and integrate the latest protection systems with Explosive Reactive Armor (ERA) to the front of the turret, a detachable ERA module on the glacis plate and applique ERA (Explosive Reactive Armor) on the sides of the hull and turret. The rear parts of the turret and the chassis are fitted with slat armor to increase protection against anti-tank Rocket-Propelled Grenade (RPG) attacks.

The BMPT-72 is able to reach a maximum road speed of 60 km with a maximum cursing range of 500 km. It can cross a vertical step of 850 mm, a trench of 2.8 m, and a fording depth of 1.2m without preparation (1.8 m after 15 min of preparation).

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