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Russian Sukhoi SU25SM jet aircraft practices tactical drills in Kyrgyzstan

Aviation Defense News April 2022 aerospace air force industry

Posted On Wednesday, 27 April 2022 16:31

According to information published by Tass on April 26, 2022, Russian Su-25SM jets of the military Kant base in Kirgizia destroyed close to a hundred targets at tactical drills.

Sukhoi SU-25SM jet aircraft (Picture source: Russian Air Force)

The pilots maneuvered to break through air defense. The exercise engaged five Su-25SM and close to a hundred men.

Modernized one-seater Su-25SM (Frogfoot-A by NATO classification) is designed to support troops day and night in any weather. The aircraft is distinguished from the basic Su-25 by onboard navigational and targeting Bars PrNK-25SM complex and GLONASS satellite navigation. The cockpit has been upgraded with multi-functional displays and a new windshield indicator instead of old sights.

The aircraft is armed with 30mm two-barrel GSh-302 air gun. The maximum speed at the ground is 975 km/h, the range is 500 km. The aircraft has two turbojet engines RD-195 with a 4500 kgf thrust at the maximum regime each.

Kant Air Base (Russian: Авиабаза Кант Aviabaza Kant) is a military airbase in Ysyk-Ata District of Chüy Region in Kyrgyzstan. It is located just south of Kant, around 20 km east of Bishkek. In accordance with a bilateral agreement between Russia and Kyrgyzstan signed on 22 September 2003, the air base hosts Russian Air Force units.

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