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ST Engineering: the Terrex looks forward.

16/02/2022 By EDR On-Line editorial staff

With over 430 vehicles in service with the Singaporean Armed Forces the 8×8 developed and produced by ST Engineering is close to get a rejuvenation care that will involve the automotive as well as the vetronic architecture as well as its role and concept of operation.

At the 2022 edition of the Singapore Airshow, the national defence giant exhibited a mock-up of its 8×8 armored vehicle which has lost its “fighting” attribute in the strict sense, becoming a mothership vehicle, which exploits unmanned ground and air vehicles to gather information, carry out surveillance missions, and eventually engage the opponent.

First of all ST Engineering is looking at a hybrid propulsion version of its 8×8 IFV, that will adopt a serial hybrid configuration, in which the internal combustion engine will generate electric power to reload the on-board battery pack and to power the electric machine that, in turn, will give motion to the wheels.

According to information provided at the show, the overall power will be in excess of 1,000 hp (the 25 tonnes Terrex 1 was fitted with a Caterpillar C9 providing 450 hp, the following version, the Terrex 2, with a 30 tonnes combat weight being fitted with a C12 providing 700 hp).

Two options are being examined; in the axle drive solution electric motors power the axles, while in the in-hub configuration each wheel has a built-in electric motor. This latter solution allows a much greater flexibility, as no mechanical link is needed, electric cables ensuring power distribution and electronic control of each wheel, their intrinsic flexibility freeing the designer from the constraints given by mechanical links. This also allows the adoption of more effective solutions in terms of protection, especially when adopting the in-hub configuration.

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