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The Potentially Game-Changing Celera 500L Has Finished Its First Round of Flight Tests.

By Joseph Trevithick November 17, 2021

Otto Aviation-Celera 500L

Otto Aviation says it has finished the first phase of testing its potentially revolutionary high-efficiency Celera 500L aircraft, which the company officially unveiled last year. The prototype has now flown approximately 51 flight hours across 55 individual sorties, including at speeds over 250 miles per hour and at altitudes up to 15,000 feet, the company said in a press release today.

The War Zone was the first to report on the existence of this plane, with its distinctive tear-drop shape and pusher-propeller configuration, after a picture of it at the Southern California Logistics Airport near Victorville, California emerged in 2017. We have been tracking its development very closely since then.

The announcement, which appears to be the first official statement from Otto Aviation on the Celera 500L to date, has coincided with the launch of a new website promoting the aircraft. The press release did not provide specific details about the aircraft's first flight or when it occurred, but says it has flown 31 times in total, so far.

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