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Top 5 Russian military equipment that foreign countries would like to acquire

Posted On Sunday, 16 January 2022 14:01

Russian State Arms Export Defense Company Rosoboronexport has disclosed the top five most wanted Russian combat weapon equipment in the global military market. CEO Alexander Mikheev said they include Checkmate light tactical fighter jet, Orion-E reconnaissance-strike drone, TOS-2 Tosochka flamethrower able to launch thermobaric rockets, AK-19 Kalashnikov assault rifle, and Vityaz S-350E surface-to-air defense missile system.

Top 5 Russian military equipment that foreign countries would like to acquire, Su-75 Checkmate fighter, AK-19 assault rifle, Orion-E UAV, TOS-2 MLRS, and S-350 air defense missile system

The Su-75 nicknamed Checkmate is a single-engine, stealth fighter aircraft under development by Sukhoi for export and for the Russian Air Force. A static mock-up was oof the new aircraft was unveiled at the 2021 MAKS air show in Russia and a prototype of the Checkmate was displayed at the Dubai Air Show in November 2021.

The Checkmate fighter aircraft has advanced designs, including open architecture and unique artificial intelligence technologies. The stealth aircraft has an internal compartment for air-to-air and air-to-surface missiles. The payload exceeds seven tons. The jet can attack six targets at a time. It develops a speed of Mach 1.8 and has a combat radius of 3 thousand kilometers. Checkmate has to make the maiden flight in 2023.

The Su-75 fighter aircraft will be offered to African countries, India and Vietnam. It will be produced in Komsomolsk-on-Amur. Checkmate will compete with US F-35A Lightning II and Swedish JAS-39 Gripen.

Su-75 Checkmate stealth fighter aircraft

The Orion-E is a medium-altitude long-endurance (MALE) drone of Kronshtadt Company. It can carry four air-to-surface missiles and develop a speed of 200 km/h. The maximum altitude is 7.5 km and the drone can fly for a day. Kronshtadt is planning to equip Orion with electronic warfare.

The Kronshtadt Company is a full-cycle enterprise for the production of drones, from their design to their testing and certification. Since it was established in 1991, the enterprise (formerly known as Tranzas) has been engaged in developing onboard, land and seaborne systems, military equipment simulators and interactive technology.

The Russian Defense Ministry demonstrated on December 18, 2021, the ability of Orion to fight helicopter drones. Orion takes off and fires an antitank Kornet missile to destroy the drone.

Kronshtadt CEO Sergey Bogatikov told TASS in November 2021 that exported Orion drones operate satellite navigation of foreign spacecraft. The company presented the first Russian system to control a swarm of 20 drones at Dubai Airshow 2021. The export option of the drone is called Orion-E, the Russian option is called Inokhodets.

Orion UAV Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

The TOS-2 is a new generation of Heavy Flamethrower Rocket Launcher System based on Ural 6x6 truck chassis. The new artillery system was unveiled in 2020 at the Victory Day military parade rehearsal. The previous versions of Flamethrower vehicles were based on tracked chassis as the TOS-1 and the TOS-1A.

A flamethrower vehicle uses rockets equipped with incendiary and thermobaric warheads able to destroy enemy troops from cities, bunkers, and tunnels. These rockets mix fuel and air in a cloud that, when detonated, creates massive heat and pressure effects.

A thermobaric weapon is a type of explosive that uses oxygen from the surrounding air to generate a high-temperature explosion.

TOS-2 Tosochka heavy flamethrower is a development of TOS-1A Solntsepek. It is carried by Ural cross-country truck and has a longer range of unguided jet projectiles. The aiming, fire and fire control of TOS-2 is completely automatic. The vehicle has a manipulator crane and does not need a Tran’s loader. TOS-2 is armed with electronic warfare against precision weapons. Trials of a new long-range jet projectile for TOS-2 had to be completed in 2021.

TOS-2 Tosochka Heavy Flamethrower Multiple Launch Rocket System

The AK-19 is a 5.56×45mm NATO assault rifle designed by Kalashnikov Concern for the export market.

The AK-19 was developed from the AK-12 rifle, which was accepted into service by the Russian army in 2018. It has Picatinny rails, a telescopic buttstock, a new dioptric sight, and a silencer and flame less fire device. AK-19 fires 5.56 mm cartridges of the NATO standard.

The Kalashnikov Group has also designed the RPK-16 handheld machine gun and prototypes of AK-12K and AK-15K, which are shorter options of AK-12 and AK-15. Revealed in 2020, during the International Military-Technical Forum exhibition in Russia, the AK-19 is a variant of an improved version of the AK-12, revealed at the same time, chambered in 5.56×45mm NATO

Based on the design of the AK-12, the AK-19 features a redesigned polymer L-shaped stock, a redesigned pistol grip and trigger guard, and a new rotary diopter rear sight. Unlike the AK-12, the AK-19 features a birdcage-type flash suppressor that features slots for a quick detachable sound suppressor. The rifle is 875-935 mm long. The barrel is 415 mm long. The rifle uses 30 cartridges magazine.

AK-19 5.56mm NATO caliber assault rifle

The S-350 Vityaz 50R6 is a new mobile ground-to-air defense system designed, developed and manufactured in Russia by the Russian Defense Company Almaz-Antey. Development of a Vityaz began in the early 1990s with a series of successful system firings against various target types. It was unveiled in 1998.

The S-350 Vityaz air defense missile system is designed to protect important administrative and military facilities against air attacks. It has a bigger round of guided missiles and a higher firepower due to active homing warheads.

The missile for the S-350 Vityaz 50R6 is the 9M96 guided missile which was originally designed for the S-400 system. This missile can be used against aerial and ballistic targets with a firing range from 1.5 to 120 km and to an altitude from 10 to 30,000 m. It features passive IR homing guidance.

The launcher unit of the S-350 Vityaz can operate in fully autonomous mode. The air defense system can simultaneously destroy 16 aerodynamic targets and up to 12 ballistic missiles. It can be deployed in less than 5 minutes.

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