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Turkish Roketsan Range Correction Kit to increase striking efficiency of Turkish artillery

Defense News May 2021 Global Security army industry

Posted On Monday, 31 May 2021 15:12

According to Defence Technology, the Range Correction Kit (MDK) was developed by the Turkish company Roketsan in order to increase the striking efficiency of the T155 Storm Howitzers, one of the important fire support elements of the Turkish armed forces.

The Storm howitzer will be adapted to be able to fire guided artillery rounds (Picture source: Roketsan)

While improving the firepower and maneuverability of the Fortuna weapon systems, which play an active role in Iraq and Syria, on the other hand, Roketsan continues to work on technologies that will change the battlefield for the artillery needs of the Turkish Armed Forces. In this context, the Range Correction Kit (MDK), which can be used in howitzer and mortar systems, especially in 155 mm Storm Howitzers was developed. Thanks to the kit that can be integrated into ammunition, the systems will gain more precise strike capability.

A development and mass production contract was signed between the Presidency of Defense Industries (SSB) and Roketsan for the design and production of a guidance kit with local resources.

The kit, which is in the form of a fuze, is mounted on an inventory 155mm howitzer. The kit consists of a kind of mobile « Mickey Mouse ears » asymmetrically moving out of the shell fuse to adapt the trajectory of the shell to accurately reach the targeted point. The dispersion radius of the shells so becomes inferior to 50 meters. Hence a saving in the number of shells needed to destroy a target.

The kit, which reduces the use of additional personnel and is resistant to electronic deception and jamming, has 4 different plug modes with impact, delay, timed and approach. The Storm howitzer will be adapted to be able to fire guided artillery rounds.

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