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Two Harpoon anti ship missiles hit a Russian ship Ukraine claims

By TOC on Jun 17, 2022

KYIV ($1=29.54 Ukrainian Hryvnias)Ukraine‘s defense forces have struck a Russian tugboat carrying weapons and ammunition to the conquered Snake Island. This was announced by the Navy of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. There was a 9K330 TOR all-weather low to medium altitude, short-range surface-to-air missile system on board the tug. It is designed to solve the problems of air and missile defense.

Russian tug Vasily Bekh transported ammunition, weapons, and personnel of the Russian occupation forces to the island. “Even the presence of the Thor anti-aircraft missile system on board did not prevent the Ukrainian Navy from demilitarizing the Russian invaders,” the Ukrainian Navy said.

The Russian tugboat was hit by two missiles. This is probably the first time the Ukrainian Navy has used Harpoon anti-ship missiles against invaders in the Black Sea.

For reference: Built in the Astrakhan shipyard tug Vasily Bekh with a displacement of 1605 tons joined the Black Sea Fleet of Russia in 2017. The crew consists of 26 people and has 36 seats on board for additional staff or for those who are saved.

Photo: US Navy/Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Kevin V. Cunningham

Recently, Defense Minister Alexei Reznikov said Ukraine had already strengthened its own coastal defense with anti-ship systems with Harpoon missiles.

Weapons to protect the Ukrainian coast from the Russian occupiers were handed over to Ukraine by foreign partners [Denmark], who support it in the fight against the Russian armed forces. It also became known that Ukraine will receive from the United States two Harpoon coastal missile systems. This is a new type of launcher that is not in service in the United States itself.

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