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John Cockerill presents new modernization of Leopard 1 tank fitted with 3105 weapon station.

Posted On Wednesday, 15 June 2022 22:46

At Eurosatory 2022, International Defense Exhibition in Paris, France, Belgian company John Cockerill presents an upgrade of the Leopard 1 Main Battle Tank (MBT) with the integration of its Cockerill® 3105 weapon station on the tracked chassis of the Leopard 1 MBT.

Belgian company John Cockerill integrates its Cockerill 3150 weapon station into the tracked chassis of a Leopard 1 MBT Main Battle Tank. (Picture source: Army Recognition)

At Eurosatory 2022, the Cockerill® 3105 weapon station is presented in different configurations, including integration onto the Leopard 1 Main Battle Tank (MBT) tracked chassis, which provide an efficient and cost-effective solution for the upgrading of older platforms. A combination that combines firepower and lightness, with a reduction of 5 tones, compared to the initial version.

Last March 2022, the Leopard 1 tank tracked chassis fitted with the Cockerill® 3105 weapon station has already conducted firing tests with impressive results and was entirely realized by the John Cockerill Defense team using their know-how of vehicle upgrades, to meet the need of armies to renew their fleet with a restricted budget.

The Leopard 1 is a main battle tank designed and produced in Germany that entered into service with the German army in 1965. The original Leopard 1 was fitted with a three-man turret armed with a 105 mm L7A3 rifled tank gun which consists of a single-piece barrel with a screwed-on breech-ring and a bore evacuator.

The Cockerill® 3105 is a new generation of weapon station fully designed and developed by the Belgian company John Cockerill. This modern designed turret offers many advantages to empower modern combat vehicle, with protection, precision, and firepower necessary to fulfill the mission. The turret is armed with a 105mm High Pressure (HP) cannon and one 7.62mm coaxial machine gun.

The "standard" form of the Cockerill 3000 Series provides full digital weapon stabilization and digitalized fire control system to deliver a very high target-hit chance. The turret is also fitted with a thermal and day sight to provide 24-hour operation whether the vehicle is moving or static.

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