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U.S. introduced a Canadian armored vehicle with a 50 mm Bushmaster gun

By TOC on Nov 12, 2021

WASHINGTON – U.S. Army Futures Command has published photos from the tests of the new Canadian-made LAV 700 combat vehicle, which took place during the large-scale Project Convergence 21 campaign, learned

Photo credit: US Army

The new LAV 700 armored personnel carrier from General Dynamics Land Systems-Canada is equipped with a 50-mm XM913 Bushmaster automatic gun, which is installed in the new turret.

According to GDLS, the armored vehicle has a modern digital architecture of management and control, including systems for monitoring performance and use.

At the same time, additional armor, scalable ballistic protection, etc. increase the stability of this machine.

Thanks to the power plant and a powerful transmission with suspension, this armored personnel carrier can work in the most difficult climatic conditions and develop a maximum speed of 110 km / h.

The range of the machine is over 1000 km, payload – 11 tons. It is noted that this armored personnel carrier can overcome the 2.2-meter trench.

Canada begins production of armored combat vehicle

As we reported last year, The Government of Canada, in a special press release today, announced the launch of an ambitious project to produce a home armored combat vehicle with a financial framework of 137 million dollars.

As stated in the press release, armored combat auxiliary vehicles [or abbreviated ACSV.] Will have the functional purpose to perform various combat activities during battle, and not only, and will often take on the role of ambulance, command post, or engineering mobile repair room.

The main executor of the contract will be the Canadian division of General Dynamics, which has known about the contract since last September and was waiting for its award.

The Government of Canada emphasizes a serious economic fact, as a result of the already started production – expects such an investment to provide additional jobs, to support approximately 30 local businesses, and General Dynamics to provide an investment equal to the value of the contract.

According to the expectations of a number of analysts, the first new Canadian armored vehicle will come off the assembly line at the end of this year, and by 2025 deliveries of the ordered quantities will be made.

Training courses and a procedure for the production and purchase of spare parts are provided, so that when the first vehicles are delivered to the Canadian Army in 2022, no logistical and production surprises are expected, which in one way or another disrupts the planned production cycle.

According to Harjit S. Sajjan, Minister of National Defence of Canada “these vehicles will form the backbone of the Army’s combat support fleet, and be used on a wide range of operations including domestic disaster relief and international peace support missions. Thanks to the flexibility found in our defence policy, Strong, Secure, Engaged, work on the vehicles has started years earlier than expected and ensures that we continue to support well-paying Canadian jobs and critical innovation in communities across the country.”

The Canadian Minister of Innovation Navdeep Bains said that the “government has ensured that this contract supports Canadian jobs and provides benefits to Canadian industry, including small and medium-sized businesses. Through the Industrial and Technological Benefits Policy, this project will continue to strengthen key industrial capabilities that support the Canadian Armed Forces and help to keep Canada’s economy strong.”

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