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Merkava 5 Barak MBT main battle tank to enter service by 2023

Defense News March 2022 Global Security army industry

Posted On Monday, 21 March 2022 11:00

Merkava Mk 4 Windbreaker is the latest variant of the Merkava family. (Picture source: IDF)

According to the report, the tank will have an upgraded Trophy active protection system against anti-tank missiles, made by Rafael; 360-degree camera coverage for day and night views, and boosted situational awareness; and a head-up display for the tank commander, similar to that of a fighter-jet pilot.

The tank will also include new, advanced sensors enabling it to independently acquire targets and strike them rapidly, as well as deploy electronic-warfare capabilities and advanced processing systems. Many of the new capabilities have been outlined in the Defense Ministry’s Carmel next-generation fighting vehicle program, which was awarded to Israel Aerospace Industries in October 2021.

Notice that the latest version in the Merkava family – the Merkava 4 Windbreaker – is already equipped with the Trophy APS (Active protection System) that protects the tank from a wide variety of threats ranging from rockets, ATGMs and platform-fired High-Explosive Anti-Tank (HEAT) rounds. Trophy offers 360° protection in azimuth, as well as extensive elevation coverage, while maintaining a predefined safety zone for friendly troops on the ground. The neutralization process is initiated only if the threat is about to hit the vehicle.

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