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Morocco Acquires Israeli Skylock Dome System

Joe Saballa November 22, 2021

The Moroccan military has acquired the Skylock Dome System from Israel to bolster its defense capabilities against enemy drones.

Developed by Skylock Systems, the weapon can detect, verify, and neutralize unauthorized drones. It will reportedly be used to protect the country’s critical civilian and military facilities.

According to the Morocco Royal Armed Forces, the country has intensified the acquisition of unmanned anti-aircraft systems and drones that better recognize and neutralize enemy aircraft than conventional defense systems.

The Skylock Dome System was first unveiled during the biennial International Defense Exhibition and Conference in February. A total of 27 nations, including Morocco, have purchased the anti-drone weapon system.

Skylock chief executive Itzik Huber said the defense system is “extremely effective” and can provide the military with broad protection against the growing aerial threat of state-of-the-art enemy drones. He explained that the Skylock Dome System is a “simple and relatively cheap” defense system.

Re-Establishing Defense Ties

Last December, Morocco and Israel agreed to re-establish diplomatic relations, allowing the reopening of economic liaison offices and the launching of direct commercial flights between the two countries.

The “breakthrough event” also allows the nations to restore their defense ties. Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz is expected to visit the North African country this week to finalize defense cooperation agreements.

Gantz will reportedly discuss the development of domestic loitering munitions production for the armed forces with his Moroccan counterpart.

Morocco and Israel will also discuss a project to manufacture unmanned aerial vehicles to strengthen Morocco’s air defense capabilities.

Additionally, the two countries are reportedly planning to build a military base near Melilla.

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